Li Zheng
Bay Area, CA

RingCentral 2021

  • Team

    2 design technologists

  • Role

    Design and Develop

  • Duration

    2021 - 2022

Open Project

The Outcomes

Empowered research and design teams by creating production-grade prototypes, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective design journeys.

Contributed directly to the product development process by developing a polished code-based design system within Framer.

Elevated craftsmanship and the quality of design output by organizing and leading Framer workshops for the company’s design team.

Created customized plugins with project management, commenting, and design library features to enhance the company’s design team’s productivity.

  • Creating prototypes
  • Developing design systems
  • Hosting design workshops
  • Building plugins
Tool Development
2021 Summary
Design Tool Migration
Design Resource Center