Li Zheng
Bay Area, CA

Norton & LifeLock App Integration

  • Team

    1 Product Researcher, 3 Designers, 5 Scrum Teams

  • Role


  • Duration

    Apr 2019 - Present

The Challenge

NortonLifeLock Inc. is an industry leader dedicated to helping keep consumers Cyber Safety. It carries forward the high reputation and flagship products of two existing brands – Norton and LifeLock. As a result of the rebranding, a fully integrated solution with enhanced services from NortonLifeLock was much anticipated.

Both brands had a unique look and feel, both products had very loyal customers, both units had suited but different workflows. How to design and build an integrated solution that delivers the same level of professionalism, convinces existing and potential customers with even better and more trustful products, and empowers the development teams from both sides was the challenge we were facing.

  • MVP with trade-offs
  • Multi-phase plan with scalability
  • Flexible system for a variety of memberships
Norton and LifeLock logos

Solution - Released

Due to the scope of this project, we anticipate many product teams getting involved and the development time span might be multi-year. Uncertainty including adding or removing features, leadership change, and product pivot might also happen during the long journey.

Therefore, I treated both our customers and the engineering teams who would bring the potential solution to life as the target users of this project and break the huge project into multiple phases.

Norton Security App
LifeLock Identity App

Phase 1:
UI Refresh

We utilized a drastic user interface change to indicate the coming of a new era of the product, an integrated solution for device security, identity, and privacy. The previous Norton and LifeLock apps used a light color scheme with flat elements and bottom navigation as the design pattern. Thus for this new solution, we decided to use a relatively large portion of dark color, elements with shadow, and a dashboard to replace the bottom navigation.

  • New dashboard + minimal update for other sections
  • Consistent style across apps
  • Unified long-term goal
Norton Security App
Phase 1
LifeLock Identity App
Phase 1

Phase 2:
App Switch

Unlike content creating or consuming apps that users might spend continuous minutes or even hours with the app, both Norton Security and LifeLock Identity are utility apps that do not require high frequent or intensive interaction. Combining multiple apps falling in this spectrum into a single app provides a more convenient way for users to use our integrated solution and more opportunities for our company to introduce any new features to our users. 

In order to deliver the product within limited resources, the 2nd phase of the project utilized app switch to help users access the correct app quickly and also save development time while aligning with the ultimate goal of this project.

  • New entry point + app switch
  • Consolidation of critical information
  • Preparation for further integration
Norton Security App
Phase 2
LifeLock Identity App
Phase 2

Phase 3:
SDK Creation

Integrating the entire identity-related features into the consolidated app requires many months or even years. In order to implement the solution without compromising new features’ development, to balance the workload of different engineering teams, and to allow multiple teams to work simultaneously, the LifeLock Identity app team decided to build an SDK.

With the SDK, the Norton Security app team is able to focus on the overall experience which contains not only identity-related features but also VPN. The LifeLock Identity app team can also save time by not building repetitive features in these 2 apps. Development blocking issues are almost resolved due to relatively individual workflows from different engineering teams. 

  • Clear division of team functions
  • Time-saving and optimized code maintenance
  • Flexible development workflow and release cycle
Norton App – Integrated Dashboard
Phase 3
Norton App
Phase 3
Norton App – Features
Phase 3
LifeLock Identity App
Phase 3